Consider Slow Competitors When Trying to Get a Startup Going

Coins and plant, isolated on white backgroundThe process of setting up a good startup business online or in any other space might be a challenge for some to bear with but there are several tips that may be used in order to keep this from being a real problem. These ideas can be used as a means of allowing anyone to pounce on the competition when there is a discernible change in the way how others are operating.

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Entrepreneurs Need To Manage Their Time Right

lolphoenixwrightclockAnyone who wants to get a good start up or entrepreneurship up and running needs to be aware of how time is to be managed. It does not take much for anyone to struggle with time management processes. However, some good plans may really come in handy to all those who want to keep their efforts under control.

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Copywriting is Critical for All Entrepreneurs

copywritinSometimes an entrepreneur might have a great idea that is worthwhile and will certainly be in demand. However, poor copywriting can make it harder for such a plan to be easy to promote. If the copy used to promote such an endeavor is not clear or interesting then people will be less likely to hold interest in whatever is being offered.

That’s why it is important for all entrepreneurs to take a look at how the copywriting process can be run. Several aspects of copywriting have to be used in order to improve the potential for a project to really get off the ground. If the right plans work with care then a project can go into just about any space one wants it to be in.

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Is Appearance Really Critical When Marketing a Business?

suchSuitMuchBusinessYou might think that you can go about with a plan that involves marketing your business by using social media and SEO tools among other things in order to make that business more appealing. However, there are many other things that must be added into the mix if you are going to make your marketing plans work like a charm. You must make sure that you establish a professional look to really get people to take you seriously.

This does not mean that you absolutely have to look like a law firm unless you are actually going to promote a law firm. You need to just use a few ideas to make it all ready for use.

Dress For the Occasion

You will have to make sure you present yourself as someone who is competent enough to take care of whatever you have to offer. For instance, if you are trying to market a law firm in the Toronto area then you might want to contact someone who sells tailored suits Toronto like at as a business like a law firm will look its best if it is represented by people who have a good sense of formal fashion.

Meanwhile, a more casual business can get by with simple polo shirts and jeans. Of course, the expectations will vary by each business and should always be compared with care. Try to look at your potential competition to see what all the people you will be going after look like.

Keep a Good Physical Space

You need to make sure that your physical space is maintained well. This means that you need to have a legitimate physical spot that is representative of what your business is like.

Keeping that space organized will also be important as it will give people the idea that you are organized and kept under control as you will clearly know what you are doing. You will also be seen as someone who is relatively ready to take on any challenge.

Keep Your Web Presence Clean

Don’t forget that your web appearance can be important. A well-designed website should be used with a good look that features a fine style that really gives off a quality sense of flair. It can also showcase your organization skills and your attention to keeping it all running well. These are good traits that people like to find in different businesses.

Of course, this appearance also means that it should make sense to all who read the site. If the website you have is designed properly and has a good look that features the right grammar and syntax to everything then people will know that you are detailed and that you are meticulous about what you want to do.

Marketing your business can really be a challenge in many ways but if you create a good design then you should have a relatively easy time with making it all work. Make sure you look carefully at what you are doing so you will have a business that can really stand out and have a well-represented setup that all people can be appreciative of.

Hashtags need to be short, unique, descriptive

hastagHere’s another great post that came out of an email conversation. This one was between myself and Mike Lewis, VP Marketing at Awareness, social media guru, and all around great guy.

We were discussing the creation of a hashtag. For those of you who may not be familiar, a hashtag is a simple way to classify information posted on the internet. The reason why this is done, according to Wikipedia, is that “Labeling and tagging are carried out to perform functions such as aiding in classification, marking ownership, noting boundaries, and indicating identity.”
They’re most commonly used on Twitter, because there’s no other way to group tweets from different people together. As with anything that involves Twitter, it’s pretty simple. You simply put a pound sign (#) in front of a word, and you have searchable hashtag. No brainer, right?

Well, at the risk of overcomplicating it, I think there might actually be a real formula for making a good hashtag. Your hashtag should be:
Unique. The purpose of a hashtag is so that people can search for, and find additionally content, related to your topic or event. When people search for your hash tag, you don’t want to get mixed up in other people’s content. Good: #dowant – Simply, stuff that people would want. Has taken off as a little meme of it’s own. Bad: #ims. All due respect to Chris Brogan and the team leading the Inbound Marketing Summit, but #ims content is usually about Indy Motor Sports.
Short. Hashtags are used all over the internet – from blogs like WordPress, to picture sharing sites like Flickr, to video sharing sites like YouTube, to file sharing sites like Slideshare. But, they are used most heavily on Twitter. We’ve only got 140 characters to play with on Twitter, so we don’t want a huge hashtag. It will prevent people from being able to effectively Retweet your content. Or, they’ll Retweet your content and just drop out your hashtag to save room. Good: #nyt – everyone knows the New York Times. Bad: #p2/liberal/progressive – It’s a hashtag, not a map to a directory on your computer, folks.
Descriptive. It’s gotta make some sense that the hashtag describes the type of content or event or location that you’re writing/tweeting/shooting video of. That way, you can actually work it into the content of your post, rather than just appending it to the end of your tweet like a footnote. Good: #followfriday – On Friday, people share the names of people worth following. Bad: #073109 – huh?
In conclusion, before you settle on a hashtag that may have to live with for awhile, do some simple searches on Google or on Twitter’s Search page, to see what other content is out there, and do some tests in a Twitter client to see much your tweets will have to be shortened, in order to include the hashtag. You’ll be glad you did. You may also want to check out – the definitive directory of hashtags.